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Adolescent Girls

Being a Teen Girl is Tough!

Welcome to the brave girls club! Girls are more than twice as likely as their male peers to experience depression, anxiety, or an eating disorder.
The reasons for this are complex. Teen girls face a number of stressors, from social media influence, conflicting messages about dating and sex, and increasingly complex peer dynamics. Teen girls deserve specialized care, and we're here to help them (and you as their parent) navigate these hurdles and chart a path to success!

Building a Positive Self Concept

Building Resilience

Healthy Relationships

Teaching Compassion and Boundaries

Dreaming Big

Girls Who See Themselves as Competent

Addressing Mental Health and Behavioral Concerns

Treating Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, OCD, PTSD, Relationship and School Issues, and Eating and Body Image Concerns.

Teen Girls: Features
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