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Joyful Existence for Our Clients

We're here to provide holistic wrap-around care that lets more people recover and find joy

What Makes Wrap-Around Eating Disorder Treatment Different?

  • Traditional outpatient care can leave clients and their families scrambling between doctors, therapists, groups, dietitians, and feeling unsure of what to do in between sessions.

  • Our team provides:

  1. Meal support

  2.  Dietitian and nutritional counseling

  3.  Individual therapy

  4.  Group therapy

  5. Family Therapy

  6. We're also a proud affiliate of Girls to Women Health and Wellness, where medical care and most medication management can handled in house.

We are all on the same chart so you won't have to catch your provider up on what happened with the other team members. 

  • We want you to have seamless care, at whatever level you need, and keep you or your child home as much as possible.

  • Rather than jumping from team to team, you get to stay with your therapist and dietitian through the entirety of your recovery.

  • Comprehensive Outpatient allows you to have additional support that is difficult to find outside of a higher level of care treatment setting, while allowing you or your child to stay home.

  • We can personalize your treatment to meet your unique needs

We're here to make outpatient eating disorder care better-- from half-day intervention to weekly therapy, let's find the plan that's right for you. 

Our Mission: Welcome
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