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Alyssa Williamson, MA, LPC

Founding Therapist

Plano and Dallas


Teens Girls

Last Ditch Eating Disorders

Developmental Trauma and PTSD


Highly Sensitive People

Women's Issues

Spiritual Abuse Recovery


Chronic Medical Conditions

Type 1 Diabetes

If there is a stuck problem or this is your last ditch, I want to take a crack at it. I bring over five years of experience in working in social services with children who are refugees, asylees, and trafficking survivors in foster care, followed by my 7 years of experience as a private practice therapist working with adults and teens. There are losses and hurts in life that you can’t just get off your chest, talk to a friend, walk off and get over. These kids knew that. I knew that. I have therapies in my toolkit that have been shown to get those chronic conditions and stuck problems moving. These include evidence based treatments like EMDR, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Emotional Transformation Therapy.

I love working with teens, individual adults, parents and families of all compositions (Blended, Adopted, Co-parenting, LBGT, you name it). I am a Christian, but I love working with clients of diverse religious spiritual or non-religious beliefs. We can work together to help you make sense of your past, get grounded in your present, and create the future you want. 

I’m married and the parent to three awesome kiddos. When I’m not at the office, the things that light up my life are my family, spending time with friends, doing yoga, baking, comedy, and finding live music whenever I can. I’m a proud to be a therapist and owner of Embodied Counseling, PLLC.

Alyssa's fee is $225 per 50 minute session.

Sliding scale fees are available on a limited basis based on household income.

Alyssa Williamson, LPC: Meet the Team
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